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Frequently asked questions

  • To invite friends to a studio simply move to the shared sequencer window and click the Invite button.
    Then, simply search by name or email and invite others to your project.

    You'll know you're connected when you see their profile picture appear at the top of the shared sequencer, and you'll see their mouse cursor move around.

    To accept an invitation simply click on "Accept" when the invitation banner appears at the top of the sequencer window. After accepting, a second banner will ask whether or not you want to move to the new studio right away.

  • In the shared sequencer there's a few ways you can get your sounds in:

    1. You’re free to drag and drop any track you want in the shared sequencer. You friends should be able to see it within seconds
    2. Record live directly into the shared sequencer. Simply arm a track, hit record, and start playing.
    3. Use the "Record when play" option. After turning it on, hit space to record and "scan in" whatever you currently have in your DAW. You can use this to bring in pre-recorded loops, drumps, etc.
  • You can work with any tracks or samples within the shared sequencer, whether they’re yours or your friends. Re-organize, edit, or copy loops to bring your project to life. Here are some hotkeys to help you out:

    s : split a track

    r : duplicate a track

    space : play

  • When you’re done just click on your project’s name to open the menu bar.

    Then, simply save it to the cloud, or export your project to download it locally.

    BeatConnect provides free unlimited cloud storage for all your projects, making it easy to work from any computer.

  • BeatConnect is a VST effect and needs to be placed on your master output to capture all sounds generated from your DAW. If hit play in your DAW and can't see the volume meters moving within BeatConnect, odds are you didn't place it on your master.
  • Some DAWs will stop plugins from running at their own discretion. To resolve this issue, try and hit "Play" in your DAW to start the audio engine. If this doesn't resolve the issue, uncheck any setting preferences that might disable or hinder plugins. If this doesn't work, you may also need to have an empty MIDI track in your DAW.
  • In some rare circumstances, if you have not rebooted your computer for a long time and your system clock is out of synch, you may experience issues with playback. To resolve, reboot your computer to resynchronize your system clock.
  • Check for any plugin latency compensation settings in your DAW. It varies from DAW to DAW but is sure to be the source of your latency issues.

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