Our Team

Take a beautiful Saturday morning, a whimsical Nick, and a 3-hour ride with a trunk full of music gear. What do you get? More often than not, you’ll get a very frustrated Nick, another 3-hour ride (to get the missing cable) and, the origin story of BeatConnect. Over the years, as every single ruse to make sure he’d never forget anything continued to fail, his frustration kept growing. So when 2020 united the world and made it clear that sharing is no longer caring, Nick started to code… After a record number of sleepless nights, multiple beverages from local breweries, and a finally working proof of concept: BeatConnect was born. It wasn’t long after that that Alex and Yohan joined this socially distanced party and started an unforeseen fraternal triangle. Now that they forgot about the concept of sleeping and, dealt with all beta-testers’ feedback, they are thrilled to present BeatConnect to the world.

Nicholas Laroche

Nick created BeatConnect under the impression that he would eventually spend his days making music with people from all over the planet. So that’s what we are trying to . Outside of work, you’ll find him making perfectly al dente pasta from scratch and watching Steven Seagal movies in a park. Nick is our official voice because you can always count on him to drop the perfect punchline in any conversation and he’s the only one with a proper mic. Favourite saying: “let’s not take the scenic route”

Alexandre Turbide

Alex is so good at learning about things that sometimes we wonder: “When did he learn how to do that?” But, before we could actually ask the question, he already started and we don’t have the guts to cut him off. He’s a spreadsheet Jedi with a degree in mechanical engineering. He loves watching movies, especially how they were made, and explaining why we should love or hate them. Maybe that explains why he’s the Director on the BeatConnect movie set.  Preferred drink: gin tonic on ice

Yohan Antoine-Edouard

Yohan is a world-traveling food tester and retired fitness detractor. Now, he mostly spends his time designing incredibly thought-out interactions for BeatConnect and building furniture for his family. Yohan keeps a strict diet of Hip Hop everyday to keep the doctor away. In his spare time, he advises on hot sauce arrangements and watches animal documentaries. Ideal Sunday activity: street laughing