Open your home studio to the world

Take your tools, your instruments, your style, and connect with anyone with the BeatConnect app. It has been designed for real collaboration, and built for every musician.

Share. Mix. Create.

We all make music differently. BeatConnect lets you share sounds, mix, and create your music with up to four people in a real-time shared environment.

Share, Mix, Create
Everything you need in one app

Everything you need
in one app.

BeatConnect gives users a shared sequencer, cloud storage, video chat and more. Spend more time making music and less time juggling apps and services.

BeatConnect x Education

We want to help everyone learn and make the best music they can. That's why we offer a 50% discount for all students who buy the Premium version with a .edu email. Educators, contact us to see how we can get the Premium version of BeatConnect into your classroom.

BeatConnect X Education